We at NVIDIA created a tool called Frame Capture Analysis Tool (FCAT) to maximize the performance of your GPU. To do that, FCAT identifies performance degradation, including dropped frames, runt frames, micro-stuttering, and other problems that reduce the visible smoothness of the action on-screen, even when running at sixty frames per second and above as reported by FRAPS. Through FCAT, GeForce is able to build better GPUs that deliver faster, smooth and improve performance for PC gaming.

What is FCAT?

Discover why FCAT (Frame Capture Analysis Tool) was created and how it offers another way to measure GPU performance.
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Independent Reviews

Read enthusiast press reviews of FCAT and results of their using the tool to tests of GeForce GTX GPUs.
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  • Why use FCAT?

    NVIDIA’s Tom Petersen explains performance in PC gaming and how we use FCAT as another tool to measure performance in our GeForce GPUs
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