Quadro Experience 3.#.#.# Release Highlights
  • Improves GameStream stability and connectivity

Quadro Experience 3.#.1 Release Highlights
  • Improves Quadro Experience and ShadowPlay stability
  • Improves driver download connectivity
  • Fixes an issue where Quadro Experience cannot be resized
  • Updated on-screen controls for GameStream
  • Improves quality of service and security

Quadro Experience 3.1 Release Highlights
  • Adds in-game framerate counter
  • Shadow Mode can now be used with desktop capture
  • Adds push-to-talk functionality
  • Extends capture resolution up to 2560 x 1600
  • Improved audio synchronization when editing with Adobe Premier
  • Improved Twitch streaming stability
  • ShadowPlay on/off state now persists across self-update
  • Improves self-update installation speed
  • Various bug fixes

Quadro Experience 3.#.1 Release Highlights
This update provides critical bug fixes for GameStream including:
  • OpenSSL security enhancements for remote GameStream on SHIELD
  • Improvements to streaming quality
  • Reduction in audio latency

Quadro Experience 3.# Release Highlights
  • Adds support for GeForce GTX notebooks
    • GeForce GTX 800M, GTX 700M, and select GTX 600M GPUs supported
  • Adds support for desktop capture
    • Requires latest GeForce driver
    • Requires Aero mode enabled
    • Desktop GPUs only
  • Adds native 1920 x 1200 capture
  • Alt-tab will pause instead of terminate recordings
  • Video folders are now created when a video is saved instead of at game launch
  • Adds advanced quality options for Twitch streaming
  • Twitch streams will automatically be tagged with game name
  • Twitch streams now retain capture aspect ratio
  • Pause and resume broadcast
  • Fixes password handling bugs
  • Fixes bug where on-screen indicator cannot be disabled
  • Improves microphone audio quality
  • Wake on LAN support: remotely wake up your PC from sleep mode
  • Remote Login support: login to a locked PC remotely from SHIELD
  • Manually add games to your GameStream list
    • Go to Preferences GameStream
  • Remote streaming support (beta): stream your PC games to SHIELD from outside your home
  • Notebook GameStream support (beta)
    • GeForce GTX 800M, GTX 700M, and select GTX 600M GPUs supported
Bug Fixes
  • Various stability and bug fixes
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