Redemption Instructions

Buy a select GeForce® GTX card or notebook, pick your FREE game.
Uplay Instructions

To redeem your promotional code for either Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege or Assassin's Creed® Syndicate please follow the steps below:

  1. Click 'Sign In With Uplay'

  2. The Uplay Connect Login will pop up in a new window. Enter in your Uplay account email and password. You can also register a new account if you do not have one already. If the login prompt does not appear, make sure that any popup blockers are disabled and JavaScript is enabled.
  3. NVIDIA will begin to 'link' your account. This can take up to 30 seconds.

  4. When complete, the popup will be automatically closed (if not, you can close it manually when it says 'Link Successful!'). The 'Connect Your Accounts' page will automatically refresh and show your current Uplay username and avatar (if not, you can refresh the page and it will appear).

  5. Continue with the redemption until complete. After redemption, the game will automatically appear in Uplay within five minutes.

In rare cases we may email you a Uplay code instead of redeeming to the account. If this happens, follow the below:

  1. Open the Uplay client. In the top left, click the 'hamburger menu', then 'Activate Product'

  2. In the received email, copy the game code and paste it into the Activation Code section

  3. The game will be added to your library

Please note: We do not issue additional copies of a game (or gifts) when the game already exists within your library. Attempts to redeem multiple copies will fail.

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This offer is available for GeForce® GTX 970, 980 or 980 Ti graphics cards, or 970M-powered (or above) notebooks only. The promotion is available for a limited time or while supplies last. The offer is available from selected retailers only. Please check the product description of the graphics card or notebook you are purchasing to confirm that the games are included. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

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