Remove digital noise from photos in a matter of seconds with DeNoiseMyImage. DeNoiseMyImage from ADP Tools uses a proprietary denoising algorithm to remove digital noise from any digital image. Optimized for NVIDIA GPU’s, DeNoiseMyImage runs up to 6 times faster on NVIDIA GPU’s, producing clear images in seconds rather than minutes. "DenoiseMyImage uses a state of the art algorithm that can be very taxing on a CPU. Denoising of a single photo can take anywhere from 1 to 2 minutes on a standard CPU," said Filip Krolupper of ADP Tools. " We worked with NVIDIA to improve the performance of DeNoise MyImage and now, using a NVIDIA GPU, denoising an image takes just a few seconds. The performance increase is simply amazing!” DenoiseMyImage is easy to use and intuitive. With DeNoiseMyImage, users can drag and drop images from any location, use the mouse wheel to scale images, use the right mouse button to switch between noisy and denoised images, unsharp mask for sharpening and image blending, and preview denoising parameters, all in real time when used in conjunction with a NVIDA GPU.