NVIDIA Water Demo


Creating ultra-realistic Water and Terrain in games require incredible amounts of geometry. When exploring terrain, each rock, each cobblestone, each bump in the road needs true geometric complexity to appear realistic – for shadows to interact correctly with them. Each crest of a wave, each ripple in the water needs to be truly represented as vertices – not just bump-mapped. This is a perfect job for HW tessellation. In this demo, a rough baseline mesh is applied to both water and land – and passed to the GPU from the CPU. Through HW tessellation, the GPU breaks up the rough mesh into a incredibly fine fabric of vertices - creating nearly 8,000 times more geometry than was passed to it. Adjust tessellation to see how rich, detailed geometry adds to the realism of the scene. Also note that this demo utilizes a scheme whereby the level or detail given to an area of land or water is increased only if that area is close to the camera view. This actually makes each scene look better – for the same amount of GPU horsepower. Items farther away do not benefit from such detailed geometry – less GPU resources are used – and are more roughly rendered.