Super LoiLoScope


Super LoiLoScope is an easy-to-use super high-speed GPU-based video editing software with a game-like ultra intuitive GUI, developed by two top Japanese game creators. With the new NVIDIA GPU accelerated features you can now edit and play movies easier and faster than ever on your computer. You can click to upload your movie to YouTube and also output your movie to various video devices quickly. Super LoiLoScope enables anyone and everyone to have fun with media and become digital video creators. Three Simple Steps to Editing Movies! 1. “Touch” to Play and Edit: Drag all the files that you want onto your endless desktop. Play any file just by touching it with your mouse. 2. “Toss” to Organize Files: Organize your scenes by tossing the live thumbnails into sorted groups, just like organizing documents on your desk. 3. “Attach” to the Timeline: Once your video clips are sorted, just drag and attach them to the timeline. You can easily align, overlap, and change the order of the clips to create your movie. Click to upload your movies to YouTube and share your creation with people all over the world.