Batman: Arkham City


Like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City makes full use of NVIDIA’s latest graphics cards, creating a visually superior experience that can’t be found on any other platform. Headlining the feature list is a number of PhysX-powered visual effects that add extra immersion and physicality to scenes. As seen in our screenshots, areas are enhanced with destructible surfaces, making it appear that the attacks of Batman and his foes are physically affecting the environments; extra particles are generated when characters strike surfaces with force; dense fog and smoke moves and parts realistically as characters and objects interact with it; cloth, rugs and other scene elements react similarly; glass, debris and other destructible objects deform accurately and with added detail; and in general there are more particles and more objects on the ground, in the air, and on characters, all of which can be interacted with in some way. In a museum setting prehistoric exhibits are tessellated, adding extra detail, and in other scenes characters and objects are tessellated too. The next big thing in PC game graphics, Tessellation is a relatively easy method of greatly enhancing the appearance of objects, characters and scene elements on DirectX 11-powered systems – if you’d like to know more please click here for an in-depth, understandable explanation of the technology. Arkham City also uses High Definition Ambient Occlusion and Multi-View Soft Shadows, two other DirectX 11 enhancements that unlike Tessellation, are used throughout the game to improve image quality in every single area. Along with the usual variety of PC enhancements, such as higher-resolution textures, more detailed models and higher screen resolutions, Batman: Arkham City also makes use of NVIDIA’s Coverage Sampling Anti-Aliasing technology to improve image quality by smoothing-out jagged lines to a superior degree than standard Multisample Anti-Aliasing is capable of without introducing a large performance hit. And last but not least, the entire game can be experienced in stereoscopic 3D when using a compatible 120Hz computer monitor or screen and NVIDIA’s 3D Vision glasses. Designed from the ground-up with 3D in mind, the entire game is fantastically layered, and in our opinion one of the best 3D Vision showcases to date, perfectly complementing and enhancing the experience. If you already have a 3D Vision setup head on over to to watch a 3D trailer and peruse a number of 3D screenshots. With the fantastic, lengthy campaign, numerous challenge maps, other yet-to-be-revealed features and the technological enhancements, Batman: Arkham City on the PC is one of the year’s best games; that’s a guarantee!