Battlefield: Hardline


A security truck loaded with cash lays abandoned in a parking garage, and you only have seconds to cram as much cash as possible into your backpack before the cops arrive. Stray bills flutter behind you as you make a mad dash for the elevators. When you get to the roof a teammate jumps on the zip-line, but you choose a more direct route and swan-dive over the edge of the building. Your chute deploys. Bullets are whizzing far too close for comfort. The moment you hit the pavement it’s a straight-out sprint to the getaway van. Sirens are blaring. Cops are on the way. And that’s when you notice the massive crane crashing down. This is just a day in the life of the Battlefield Hardline player.

Cops and Robbers – The change from military conflicts to criminal encounters means a new take on Battlefield. You’re robbing vaults instead of capturing flags, and zip-lining between buildings as the sounds of sirens echo throughout the city. Everything has been adapted to feel new again, putting a fresh spin on the battlefield.

True Battlefield Experience – Yes, you’re trading the safety of far-away battlegrounds for cities and suburbs, but beneath the gunfire you’ll find the multiplayer experience that’s expected from a Battlefield game. With destructible environments, modern-day weaponry, high-performance vehicles, and massive encounters, you’ll feel right at home.

All-star Campaign – Crafted by the storytellers at Visceral, developers of the Dead Space trilogy, Hardline’s singleplayer feels like a prime time crime drama. The levels twist through the detective story like episodes of a TV show, and highpoints of the story will play out in huge memorable gameplay moments. Epic car chases and intense gunfights? Yes please.