Beyond Good & Evil


For centuries, the planet Hyllis has been locked in conflict with a race of relentless alien invaders. Wary of her government's promises to repel the aliens for good, a rebellious action reporter named Jade sets out to capture the truth behind the prolonged war. Armed with her camera, dai-jo staff, and fierce determination, Jade soon finds herself inside the jaws of a dark conspiracy, and face to face with an evil she cannot possibly fathom. In a world where deception is the deadliest weapon of all, will Jade's discoveries be enough to free her people? Technical Features: * Native DirectX 9 engine * Realistic ocean water simulation (the same algorithm used for movies) * Wonderful water reflection and distortion * Real-time shadows for all characters * Innovative dynamic lighting system that enhance the level of realism * Unbelievable depth of field effect * Halo and Flare occlusions create outstanding light source effects * Several fogging effects increase the pathos of the plot * UbisoftTons of post rendering effects give to the game a strong cinematographic style * Great performance scalability: high frame-rate on GeForce FX 5900 as on GeForce 2