Borderlands 2


Borderlands struck a chord with gamers back in 2009, offering a fun four-player co-op experience that mixed first-person shooting with RPG character leveling, and with ARPG loot sweeping. Over 4.5 million copies were sold and Gearbox’s ideas and innovations have served as inspiration for numerous games. The highly anticipated sequel adopts a "bigger and better" mantra, enhancing every aspect of the original with new ideas, additional vehicle sections, customizable characters, and of course, even more guns. PC players are receiving additional special attention in the form of FOV sliders, offline LAN support, and over a dozen other extras, as detailed by Claptrap in his love letter to the PC community. Graphically, the PC version sports richer textures, built-in high quality FXAA support, and a variety of other options. Gamers with GeForce graphics cards will be able to enable a range of additional hardware-accelerated PhysX effects that greatly enhance the overall experience, adding a level of physicality and persistence far beyond the capabilities of consoles and systems lacking GeForce GTX graphics cards. NVIDIA users can also leverage the advanced features of their graphics cards to enable immersive Surround, 3D Vision, and 3D Vision Surround display modes, spanning the action across three high definition 1920x1080 screens, and bringing the action directly to them through the use of eye-popping stereoscopic 3D Vision effects that look truly incredible when combined with the vibrant, explosion-filled, cell-shaded world of Borderlands 2. Featuring a new cast of characters, a larger world, more unique quests, a greater variety of objectives, more vehicles, and more Claptrap, Borderlands 2 is set to be one of the most enjoyable games of the year. The humor’s back and better than ever, and Gearbox has listened to fan feedback to help make Borderlands 2 the ultimate loot-sweeping, role-playing, first-person shooter.