The year is 2600, an Alien Race known as the Breed have conquered Earth while you were away protecting the colonies of Mars. Launch Epic battles using a multitude of vehicles across Land, Air, Sea and Space to reclaim Earth in this Sci-fi spectacular. Breed is the first project to be developed utilizing the Mercury engine. Breed is an action based game set both in Earth orbit and on its surface. From the orbiting USC Darwin the player launches attacks against the Breed, the aggressive biomechanical race infesting Earth. Once the Darwin is discovered the Breed will launch waves of attacks to destroy the last of the USC cruisers. The player takes control of grunts who may be flying fighters or dropships, driving tanks or APC's, manning vehicular turrets or running around in the dirt, trying to blow away the Breed. Heavily armed dropships are used to deploy ground forces into Breed controlled territory.