Do you like brutal, adrenaline-filled sci-fi shooters? If so, Bulletstorm is right up your alley. The FPS comes from the studios that brought you the Unreal Tournament, Painkiller, and Gears of War series. In Bulletstorm, you play as exiled mercenary Grayson Hunt. This action-packed blockbuster exiles you and your squad mates to a hostile alien planet and forces you to seek revenge while you battle hoards of vicious baddies. Though there is a story here, Bulletstorm doesn't take itself too seriously and draws inspiration from over-the-top shooters like Duke Nukem. While first-person shooters have often been criticized for their repetitiveness, Bulletstorm does offer a number of gameplay elements that make the shooter unique. Though the game has a host of alien weaponry, its trademark Energy Leash certainly brings something new to the table. You can use the Energy Leash to latch on to enemies and suck them in. From there, you can shoot them in the face or use your boot to kick them off ledges. What brings more originality to the game is that it rewards you for your destruction. Using a "Skill Shots" point system, your creative kills will allow you to level up and earn upgrades. Using a newly modified Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine, Mark Rein, president of Epic Games described Bulletstorm as "a full-blown, oh-my-god amazing PC game." To take full advantage of the PC version, you can run Bulletstorm in SLI for higher performance. Adding another visual flare to the game, you can also play Bulletstorm in 3D by way of NVIDIA 3D Vision support.