Champions Online


Originally released in September 2009 under a pay-per-month subscription model, superhero MMO Champions Online has recently gone free-to-play. Since launching, the action RPG has incorporated numerous enhancements and additions which include a more robust character creation tool, improved balance of powers, and new content/areas to explore. If you're new to the game, now is also a great time to jump in on the fun as Champions Online features an improved tutorial system which makes it easier for newcomers to transition into the popular MMO. In addition, superhero archetypes have been introduced, which eases players into the superhero creation process. Visually, Champions Online has been universally praised for its colorful, cel-shaded art style. Players can take full advantage of its graphics by running the game with dual GPUs. Luckily for GeForce enthusiasts, the game scales extremely well in SLI.