Conflict: Desert Storm


A squad-based game, Conflict Desert Storm gives gamers the opportunity to play as several types of special forces agents – either British SAS or U.S. Delta Force. In Conflict: Desert Storm, you can command your squad as Team Leader, clear the way for your ‘mates with the Sniper, take out tanks with the Heavy Weapons Specialist, or blow up a bridge with the Combat Engineer. You can play cooperatively with a buddy, working in tandem to complete the 15 single-player missions via multiple paths. And try to stay alive – after you complete each mission your character becomes more skilled. They’re able to aim better, with faster reaction times and more efficient use of equipment. But if any veteran squadmates die, they’ll be replaced with green soldiers for the next mission. In single-player mode, you can switch between squad members at any time during a mission, making sure that they each survive to the end.