Crysis 2


When Crytek released the original Crysis first-person shooter back in 2007, its CryEngine 2-powered game set the standards for high-quality graphics. So impressive were its visuals that no gaming rig at the time was able to run it at max settings. Many called the game "hardware future-proof." Fast forward to today and it is still one of the commonly benchmarked titles. With Crysis 2, Crytek is attempting to raise the visual bar once again and promises the "best graphics you've ever seen." Powered by the new CryEngine 3, Crysis 2 taps into the latest GeForce technologies such as SLI and 3D Vision. In regards to stereoscopic 3D, Crytek isn't merely satisfied with slapping "3D-supported" on the game's box. Rather, Crytek wants Crysis 2 to set the standard for 3D gaming and has implemented it from the outset. Whereas the original Crysis took place in the tropical jungles of Korea, Crysis 2 takes place in the urban jungle of New York. Like the first game, you will once again dawn a Nanosuit, a high-tech suit that allows you to be stronger, faster, or even invisible. However, unlike the first time around, you'll be using its successor, the Nanosuit 2.0. While the idea of switching abilities on the fly was present with the original suit, the cumbersome interface prevented the tactically-efficient super soldier concept from being fully realized. Its successor, on the other hand, has streamlined keyboard controls that contextually switches abilities on the fly, allowing you to create devastating and tactically-efficient attack combinations. Whereas before you might have had to choose between bypassing enemies in speed mode or walking up to an enemy to initiate a melee attack in strength mode, now you can run up to an enemy at full speed, and punch in strength mode with no extra keystrokes. With a next generation graphics engine, native 3D Vision support, and a revamped nanosuit which provides more tactical options, it's easy to see why PC gamers are excited about Crysis 2.