Damaged Core


Damaged Core is a FPS experience exclusively for the Oculus Rift.  Players take on the role of a uniquely crafted artificial intelligence built by the human resistance as a last hope of salvaging the earth.  Strike and fade away swiftly by transferring your consciousness throughout the city’s machines. Stand with the final remnants of man against the endless hordes. Damaged Core: The future is flawed. Rewrite it at its Core.

Key Features

  • First-Person VR Experience:  Intense, adrenaline-pumping, in-your-face action battling the advancing robotic hordes to save the last of mankind.
  • Futuristic Weaponry: Employ a tantalizing variety of futuristic weapons that leverage head-tracking and virtual reality for precise one-to-one, look-to-shoot controls.
  • Become the Enemy: Hack into, take over, and discard the robotic bodies of your foes.
  • A Changing Landscape: Explore a living, breathing world dominated by a monolithic intelligence as it works toward its own goals while humans fight for survival.
  • 8 Unique Levels: Each expansive level is distinct with its own flavor on the robotic apocalypse.
  • Substance and Depth:  As you delve into the motivations of the Core, you witness just how much of an affect it has had on a former utopia.
  • Next-Gen Visuals: Uses the Unreal 4 engine to push the very limits of what a video game experience in VR can be.