Darkest of Days


Darkest of Days is a new shooter that employs NVIDIA PhysX for all physics in the game. This makes the bloody conflicts through history a more realistic and horrifying ordeal, as musket shots and machine guns blow away enemies and the vehicles of destruction come to life. Additionally, this innovative shooter fully implements stereoscopic 3D utilizing NVIDIA 3D Vision. Rounding out the feature set, publisher Phantom EFX and 8monkey Labs worked with NVIDIA to implement the newest features of APEX, an authoring tool for artists to create dynamic effects without the need to program in a low-level API. Simulations such as vegetation, particles, and fluids were all brought to life with APEX, although gamers won’t have much time to enjoy the scenery as they’re thrust into the heat of battle. History will literally flow from your PC monitor as gamers dodge bullets and peer through the fog of war to stay alive amidst the chaos of war. Darkest of Days is a sci-fi time travel action-adventure game that takes full advantage of NVIDIA PhysX, 3D Vision and SLI Scaling to transport gamers to some of the bloodiest battles in the history of the world. Players step into the role of soldier Alexander Morris from the late 1800s, who’s aided by a 21rst Century Agent Dexter to make history right. Gameplay revolves around correcting the wrongs of other time agents amidst elaborate battles that fill the screen with thousands upon thousands of soldiers, vehicles and weapons. Not only will players have to deal with being dropped into a fierce environment with death all around them, they will have to deal with other time-travelers that want them dead. Exploring these battles is a unique experience in stereoscopic 3D as players can see first-hand the death and destruction of war, which is brought to life even more vividly with NVIDIA PhysX and SLI Scaling.