The Darkness II


The Darkness II is a direct sequel to the million unit-selling 2007 title, The Darkness, a violent first-person shooter starring Jackie Estacado, a thug and mobster who becomes imbued with the eponymous Darkness, a demonic force that when unleashed allows Jackie to ‘Quad-Wield’ two Demon Arms and two guns simultaneously. Ripping through the story’s many enemies, quite literally, grants Jackie Dark Essence with which to enhance his combat prowess by unlocking a number of inventive abilities utilizing his Demon Arms, his guns, and his Darkling, a foul-mouthed, Cockney-accented supernatural helper and guide.

Complementing the single-player campaign is the Vendettas mode, filled with four-player online co-op missions that interweave with Jackie’s story, or run in parallel, connecting thematically to the single-player story arc. Four characters with unique weapons and abilities are available for use, and as with Jackie their prowess can gradually be upgraded with Dark Essence. Adding to the destruction and mayhem is Hit List mode, which allows players to repeat their favorite campaign moments or wreak havoc in brand new one-off scenarios.

Drawing on its comic book origins, The Darkness II features a hand-painted, graphic noir aesthetic that helps enhance the stylized violence and twisted scenarios implemented by Digital Extremes’ developers. On the PC, these visuals are further enhanced through the use of NVIDIA 3D Vision stereoscopic rendering, bringing Jackie’s dynamic Demon Arms to life as they slither in and out of the screen, tearing foes limb from limb.

The Darkness II is available in stores February 7th, 2012; a demo can be downloaded here.