Deep Black: Reloaded


Developer Biart Company worked closely with NVIDIA to push the technology they created for Deep Black: Reloaded into a Stereoscopic 3D experience that utilizes PhysX, making the most use of the small team they had working on this unique shooter. The team worked with NVIDIA to optimize the particle system rendering for GeForce and improve their ultra-realistic underwater rendering. Bubbles from scuba tanks “naturally” float up to the surface and weapons fire produce wakes that follow projectiles toward their target. In addition, destructible environments and ragdoll physics play a big role in Deep Black: Reloaded. By offloading physics calculations from the CPU to the GPU, PhysX lets players destroy just about anything in the game, be it rocks to trees to walls, all without affecting game performance. And the ragdoll physics handled by PhysX let’s produces natural looking character animations, on both land and underwater, producing life-like movements to add to the games enhanced realism. During the development process, the team made full use of 3D Vision support to provide the most immersive experience possible. Deep Black: Reloaded is a sci-fi action game set on a future Earth where the global resource crisis has driven the planet to the brink of technological disaster. The player takes the role of a mercenary, hired by coalition in search of a new energy source, to put an end to a nefarious plot to control the world’s energy. The game features covert operations on both land and underwater to uncover and eliminate the headquarters of the evil organization. Armed to the hilt with the latest technology, Deep Black: Reloaded offers non-stop action.