Dirty Bomb


London is enjoying the world’s worst hangover after a string of mysterious radiological attacks.

Mercenaries from all over the world have thrown caution to the irradiated wind, jumping at the chance to extract London's secrets or bury them forever for shady clients.

Turns out the capital is a great place to make capital. You want in? Get ready to #PlayDirty!

Developed by UK-based Splash Damage, Dirty Bomb is a return to the classic FPS PC feel with frenetic run ‘n gun action and asymmetrical team-play. Built for gamers with a mouse, a keyboard and an appetite for heated competition, Dirty Bomb provides countless hours of multiplayer action in 5v5 or 8v8 matches fully supported by dedicated servers.

Set in a near-future, irradiated London, the game features teams of colorful and deeply customized Mercenaries fighting against each other in an uphill battle for riches and bragging rights. Free-to-play and, more importantly, free-to-win, Dirty Bomb is all about playing well as a team and mastering your Mercs and their abilities, not the amount of money spent.