A first-person, stealth, action-adventure game, Dishonored takes players into a unique world designed by Viktor Antonov, the mind behind Half-Life 2’s oppressive City 17. Filled with Steampunk equipment, future tech, mystical powers, and dark shadowy figures, Dishonored’s Dunwall is quite unlike anything seen before. Following the exploits of Corvo Atano, loyal and much-loved bodyguard of the nation’s Empress, the game winds down a path of corruption, betrayal, and murder, though much of the latter falls to your own hand, should you wish. You see, unlike many other games, Dishonored allows players to approach each level using either action or stealth, or a combination of both, and though action may appear easier on the surface, it has ramifications in later chapters, ultimately making the game harder. To divulge much beyond this point would be unfair, spoiling a story-driven affair that excels in every respect. Needless to say, if you’re a fan of Thief, Splinter Cell, Deus Ex, or any similar title, you should enjoy Dishonored, as should any gamer who appreciates a new experience that is on the shortlist for Game Of The Year.