Duke Nukem Forever


Having been in development since 1997, Duke Nukem Forever is the most long-awaited game of all time. With the title being a sequel to 1996 fan-favorite Duke Nukem 3D, the game has some big shoes to fill. Developing the game is Gearbox Software, makers of the critically-acclaimed "Borderlands." Even though shooters have certainly become much more complicated since 1996, Duke Nukem Forever takes the genre back to its fun and simple roots. Don't expect numerous dialogue trees or a multitude of screen menus to sift through here. Gearbox just wants to deliver the crude fun fans know and love with updated, modern graphics. Heightening these visuals is NVIDIA 3D Vision support. Like the original game, aliens have invaded earth. As Duke, the steroidal one-man army, it is your job to save the world, but more importantly, the hot babes inhabiting it. Expect to see old enemies like pig cops along with flying critters and large foot soldier aliens armed to the teeth with ridiculous machine guns. Also making another return are the larger-than-life boss battles. While the enemies will be challenging, it wouldn't be a Duke Nukem game if you didn't have awesome and outlandish guns to blast your foes with. Luckily, you will be outfitted with Shrink Rays, Pipebombs, Rocket launchers, Freezethrowers and a bunch of other zany weaponry. Did we mention you can also punch aliens in the gonads? Even though the numerous ways to creatively obliterate enemies will keep you entertained, saving the world can sometimes be tiring. Fortunately, Duke Nukem Forever features several mini-games which help players kick back and relax. Duke can shoot hoops, play air hockey, pool, slots, and even pump iron. But ultimately, it wouldn't be a Duke game if it didn't include crude and vulgar humor. Duke Nukem Forever not only continues this tradition but ups the ante by featuring giant aliens with three boobs, potty humor jokes, and the presence of in-game sex toys we won't mention here. Certainly, the game isn't for the faint of heart. Delivering numerous foul-mouthed jokes and one-liners is voice actor Jon St. John, who reprises his role as Duke. Multiplayer side, Duke Nukem Forever features four modes: Dukematch, Team Dukematch, Capture the Babe, and Hail to the King. The first two modes are offshoots of deathmatch and team deathmatch. Capture the Babe is similar to standard capture the flag modes. The twist here is that the flag has been replaced by a chick that needs to be slapped around every now and then (like we said, it's not for the faint of heart). Finally, Hail to the King is an offshoot of king of the hill, a mode that requires players to defend specific locations for as long as they can. Supporting the multiplayer modes are a variety of maps: a damaged freeway, a casino, an old western town, and "Duke Burger," a restaurant which has players running around as miniaturized versions of themselves. Taking the multiplayer to a new, addictive level is a persistent leveling system. Online players will be able to gain experience and level up as they play, unlocking a wide variety of unique customization options. So now you're probably wondering: is the game any good? As Duke would say, "After twelve f***in years, it better be!"