Dungeon Siege III


Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, of Fallout: New Vegas fame, Dungeon Siege III is a continuation of the eleven year-old franchise, successfully introducing four-player online co-op and modern-day design changes to the action role-playing template. Starring a diverse cast of four characters, players must battle their way through a well-written story to prevent the kingdom of Ehb from falling into darkness. Accomplished entirely in real-time, players hack, slash and magic missile their way through thousands of increasingly powerful enemies, improving their abilities as they level up and sweeping each scene of loot in the hope of discovering new, more powerful items. Technologically, Dungeon Siege III embraces the advances of the past eleven years, ramping up texture detail and effects to previously unseen levels in the genre. And those with the appropriate setups can make use of a range of NVIDIA technologies to enhance their experience: SLI support accelerates frame rates; 3D Vision allows gamers to play in immersion-enhancing stereoscopic 3D; and 3D Surround allows those with extremely large desks to use super-wide, triple-screen resolutions, showing threats before they appear on single screen setups.