End of Nations


The world is at peace — until unexpected financial collapse sweeps the world’s governments from control. Amid anarchy and terrorism, the United Nations restores order and takes over much of the world under their new name: the Order of Nations. Two groups, the Liberation Front and the Shadow Revolution, rise to fight to topple the Order of Nations, and each other. In End of Nations, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game from Petroglyph Games and Trion Worlds, you enter the battle on behalf of the factions and partake in sprawling battles in real-world locations that feature up to 56 simultaneous players. In cooperation with fellow Commanders, wrestle control of key territory from the enemy and the AI forces of the oppressive Order of Nations. Behind the scenes, the results of these battles are combined, granting control of key bonus-granting territory in the server-wide push for global dominance. Playing like a traditional RTS, End of Nations seeks to differentiate itself by offering millions of customization options that allow hand-picked armies to be tailor made to a player’s particular style before entering battle. Battles range in scale and scope, and the objectives vary greatly, from traditional fights to the death, to wave-based survival scenarios. For more info, and to sign up for the ongoing beta, head on over to the official End of Nations website.