Final Approach


Take control of the skies like never before in a full Virtual Reality world! Airplanes on fire, commuter aircraft low on fuel, mid-air collisions, emergency rescues, and military exercises all need your immediate attention. Manage your world in “God Mode” as you tower over large metropolitan airports, tropical islands, and towering cities. Path your aircraft to safety, avoiding air traffic, fierce thunderstorms, and perilous landscapes. Get those planes refueled, repaired, and back in the air as fast as possible. You will need nerves of steel as you zoom down to “Toy Mode” to fight raging aircraft fires, man the guns and missiles of the battleship, and the worst task of all…Luggage sorting. But don’t waste any time, the skies are full of emergencies that only you can manage. Did we mention the Alien Invasion? Welcome to Final Approach!

Room-Scale VR

Never before has a game used the full capability and power of Room Scale Virtual Space! The sky is full of aircraft of every shape and size, from F16s to Blackhawk Helicopters, WW2 Spitfires and barnstorming bi-wings. We even threw in predator drones and stealth bombers for free!

Final Approach gives you complete control of the skies around the airports and islands as you tower over the world in what we call “God Mode”. Using the HTC Vive or Oculus Touch motion controllers, reach up and grab an aircraft, drawing paths from one side of the room to the other to get the aircraft to their designated runways. In addition to managing the aircraft, the player can use zoom points throughout the game to get up close and personal with various aspects of the terrain. Scale down to real world scale, where you can fight roaring fires with water hoses, interact the guns and missile launchers of battleships, sort luggage, scare of seagulls with air horns and solve puzzles required by the game.

Game play includes:

  • Flying military jets and helicopters in combat and rescue missions while navigating the deck of aircraft carriers and battleships. Take control of the boat guns and missiles as you fight off enemy combatants.
  • Take control of a city airport, managing large commercial and private aircraft. Pilot them down to their appropriate gates while you navigate helicopters and ground crew on various tasks.
  • Fly your rescue and support helicopters around skyscrapers and large office buildings a towering metropolis as you navigate your way through busy streets to clear traffic jams, fight towering infernos, and other city rescues.
  • Aircraft include F-16-F18 fighter jets, DCA-717, A320 Commercial, Messerschmitt, Spitfire, B2 Stealth, B17, Predator Drones, Heli UH 60 Gunner, HH65C Dolphin, Sikorsky Ch-54 and HH-60 Blackhawk and so much more!

Story Mode:

Follow our heroic pilots as they work their way through dangerous missions and hazardous terrains. But they can’t do it alone, they need your help. Keep them safe while they help you decipher puzzle and challenges that could lead you to the truth and knowledge of how to stop what could be the world’s greatest threat yet, ALIENS!

Gameplay: 17 levels 6-8hrs gameplay with replay ability

Platforms: Launch title for HTC/Valve VIVE, Oculus Touch. Development for PlayStation VR