FPS Creator X10


This new version is designed to work exclusively on Windows Vista PCs with DX10 hardware. It is an easy to use yet highly flexible tool for creating action packed First Person Shooter games with stunning 3D gaming results. Now anyone can make cool looking Next-Gen FPS games! Create your game instantly with the intuitive 3D editor. Drag and drop walls, lights, doors, enemies, ammo, weapons and more - with pixel perfect precision, and watch as they intelligently link together. Then with one click of the mouse, play your game. FPS Creator X10 uses custom scripts for every element of the game. From the enemy AI behaviours, to the way a key might open a door. Nearly everything is controlled via a script rather than hard coded into the program. This means for those that wish to get their hands dirty then can op en up the script files into any text editor and re-code them. Although it's perfectly possible to create a large and complex game without entering a single line of code, the option is there if you want that extra level of control.