Fractured Space


Fractured Space is a competitive 5-v-5 tactical space battle game fought over five sectors. Brought to life in the stunning Unreal Engine 4, giants of interstellar conflict fight in spectacular close quarter battles for dominance.

With over 600,000 players registering to play on Steam, players get to pick a manufacturer, choose a class and customize their weapon load outs. Through experience you gain the right to command more ships while earning credits to add them to your fleet. Tailor your craft to your combat preferences with crew and weapon load out options then take on your specialized role when your interstellar juggernaut warps into battle.

You captain a vessel of unmatched combat authority choosing from an ever increasing number of specialized galactic warships. Understand your own capabilities and that of your team before taking the fight to the enemy. Experience will expand your ability to choose which small victories to chase and how to then leverage them. Mastery of a single ship is your first step, dominance in the war for space coming as your knowledge increases.

The composition of your team's fleet is vital to your success. Battles may be fought with firepower but they are won with wits. Your team of five will face an equally prepared, equally skilled, equally ambitious opponent in a ceaselessly transforming fight for control. Your plans will evolve, tactics will shift but as a team you will emerge triumphant. Your individual prowess may be significant but it insignificant next to well organized communication, support and teamwork.

With Fractured Space Launch Phase One we have added a two new ways to begin your journey in Fractured Space. Additional Training Modes have been added that will pit you against our new AI Captains.


In this mode you have a fleet of four AI Captains backing you up while you take on an opposing AI Team to help you learn the basics of Fractured Space before entering the fray and taking on live opponents. These AI Captains improve in capability as you do, so it’s worth revisiting this mode regularly to keep your skills sharp. This mode is also an excellent way to practise with a newly purchased ship without risking a blemish to your service record.


Group up with your friends to challenge the AI Captains if you don’t feel like taking on human opposition. Not only is this mode great for trying various new fleet strategies that you may not want to reveal just yet in a Custom Match lobby, but you’ll also gain a credit reward for playing it. While this reward is not as much as playing a standard Conquest match, it will allow you to earn new ships without needing to play real human opponents.


AI Captains also have the capability to join you in an all-human battle. Disconnecting players have provided a considerable, even if not always intentional, disadvantage to those who have stayed behind to finish the fight, and with this update an MMR-scaled AI Captain will take control of an abandoned ship and persevere to work with the team so you don’t feel like you are a Captain short.

As this is the first introduction of AI Captains they may sometimes behave bizarrely, but they will continue to receive upgrades and behaviour changes as we continue their development.


Frontline has been overhauled to remove the random ship rule. As with Conquest, captains are still limited to a maximum of 2 of an individual ship class, but you are now free to take your favourite ship into this close-quarters mode.


Our Custom Match Lobbies now have two player slots specifically for Spectators. Whether you are overseeing your team as their Fleet Leader or creating your own videos and highlight reels, you now have a perfect overview of the battle as it happens.