Guild Wars 2


When released in 2005 Guild Wars broke the mold by only charging for the game, and not the subscription. Seven years later and most MMOs and online titles launch either as free-to-play games, or convert to free-to-play when subscription revenues prove insufficient. Guild Wars 2 follows the same model as the original, charging for just the game, and due to the original’s quality and innovative gameplay millions of gamers are waiting with baited breath for the sequel. The reasons why are many, so click here and read all about Guild Wars 2’s impressive innovations. Free subscription aside, Guild Wars 2 features visual effects and native 3D Vision Surround support, helping immerse players in the engrossing player versus player and player versus enemy action. NVIDIA SLI technology is also supported out of the box, allowing users to unleash the full power of their systems in the demanding Realm Versus Realm events that see hundreds of players battling simultaneously in real time. Leading up to launch there’ll be a number of beta events, but the only way to get guaranteed access is to pre-purchase from retailers or the official Guild Wars 2 website.