Hawken: PhysX Enhanced Free To Play Shooter Now Available Via Steam Early Access
Hawken’s launch on Steam is the perfect time to jump into the action, with limited-availability Early Access packs giving buyers the keys to many of the game’s mechs, plus in-game currency to spend on cosmetic upgrades.
Hawken Destructible Map Demoed & Detailed
PhysX Destruction radically changes the dynamic of any game, but in particular, multiplayer titles. Check out the tech in action in Hawken, a free-to-play shooter, and learn more about its inner workings.
PAX East 2013: NVIDIA is Open For Gaming Panel Recap
Panel attendees get treated to an entertaining hour filled with tech demos, surprise guests, AR Drones and $10k in giveaways, even a complete PC.
Join The Free To Play Revolution
Free to play is not only the fastest growing segment in PC Gaming, it is delivering next gen graphics. Join the revolution and get $150 in-game.
Hawken: Advanced PhysX Effects Coming Soon To F2P Shooter
See how the GPU-accelerated PhysX effects enhance the free-to-play shooter in our side-by-side comparison video, and learn more about the technology powering these additions.
Play The PhysX-Enhanced Hawken Today, For Free
Join The Battle, Experience PhysX Today.
GeForce 310.64 Beta Drivers: An Essential Upgrade For All Far Cry 3 Players
Feature-packed GeForce 310.64 beta driver improves Far Cry 3 performance by up to 37%, improves performance by up to 26% in a further two dozen titles, and adds TXAA support to Black Ops 2 and Assassin’s Creed III.