Killing Floor 2

Agents of Mayhem Game Ready Driver Released
Ensure you receive the definitive experience in Agents of Mayhem, Crossout and Killing Floor: Incursion by downloading the new GeForce GTX Game Ready drivers.
Killing Floor 2 GeForce Game Ready Driver Released
Ensure the definitive experience in Killing Floor 2, the world's first NVIDIA PhysX Flex game, by downloading the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX Game Ready drivers.
Killing Floor 2 PhysX Flex Effects Released! Try The Game For Free This Weekend To Experience The Goretacular Spectacle
Powered by new NVIDIA PhysX Flex technology, Killing Floor 2's long-awaited, next-gen gore effects are now available to try in-game following a massive content update. If you don't already own Killing Floor 2, you can try the game, and the Flex effects, for free this weekend.
Killing Floor 2: Tripwire Interactive Discusses PhysX Flex's Groundbreaking GameWorks Gore
Plus looks at Killing Floor 2’s NVIDIA GameWorks HBAO+ effects, SHIELD spin-off Killing Floor Calamity, and Tripwire’s new game, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.
New Patch Now Live on Steam Brings the Beautiful and Bloody Volter Manor to Killing Floor 2
Tripwire Interactive's post-apocalyptic shooter gets a slew of new features and enhancements including the Volter Manor map.
Killing Floor 2: Graphics Technology & First GameWorks Features Unveiled
Tripwire Interactive has opened to the doors to its graphics engine, revealing a host of advanced effects, with even more to come in 2015.
Killing Floor 2’s On The Attack At Gamescom With Advanced Technology & NVIDIA GameWorks Effects
Co-op multiplayer shooter emerges from the shadows at Gamescom to reveal new game, graphics, and AI features, as well as the forthcoming implementation of NVIDIA GameWorks technologies.