Mass Effect 3


In 2007, BioWare, a Canadian company known for its very popular but also very traditional role-playing games, released Mass Effect, a real-time, third-person action role-playing title that redefined the genre and kick started a massive franchise that now spans books, graphic novels, merchandise, unique spin-offs, and an in-development movie. When BioWare announced that the 2010 sequel would allow players to import their Mass Effect save games containing all their decisions to date to create a uniquely tailored story, the franchise’s popularity soared. This year, the third Mass Effect will be released, bringing an end to Shepard’s story.

This conclusion promises to be an epic one, personalized to your liking by taking into account every decision you’ve made throughout the series, bringing back characters and events from the first game in ways that may help or hinder your race against time to save Earth from the Reaper threat. Shepard must call on allies, and enemies, to save the galaxy, and for the first time you can call on three friends to help you in an online four-player multiplayer mode featuring unique character classes that can influence the outcome of the single-player campaign.

With improved graphics, more gameplay elements, and a bigger script than ever before, Mass Effect 3 could be an early candidate for Game of the Year. Furthermore, the PC version will make use of NVIDIA’s 3D Vision stereoscopic rendering technology to immerse players in the action like never before .