Metro 2033.

Arktika.1: A New VR Shooter From 4A Games, The Studio Behind The Metro Franchise
Arktika.1, created by the talented dev team behind the Metro series, was a featured VR title in NVIDIA's E3 booth this year. The game brings the spirit of old school, arcade cover shooters to the modern day in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic VR shooter experience.
E3 2017: Metro: Exodus Dev Interview - Expect All The PC Trimmings & Incredible Graphics
Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light were incredible games, and fantastic showcases for the power of the PC (and your GeForce GTX graphics cards when Ultra settings and GameWorks effects were enabled). Now Metro's back with Metro: Exodus, featuring massive levels and above-ground gameplay. Learn more from Jon Bloch, the game's Executive Producer.
GeForce 340.52 WHQL Driver Enables GameStream On The New SHIELD Tablet
GeForce 340.52 WHQL enables GeForce GTX gamers to GameStream their favorite PC games to the new SHIELD tablet, which is available today from e-tailers and retailers. In addition, this Game Ready WHQL driver ensures you'll have the best possible gaming experience in Metro: Redux and the Chinese release of Final Fantasy XIV.
NVIDIA GeForce 285.27 Beta Drivers Released
GeForce GTX 560 & 580 frame rates improved by up to 13%.
Gamescom 2011: Metro Last Light Better Optimized Than 2033
Video interview discusses gameplay tweaks, hardware optimizations, and more.