Uld… Masterwork of a god. Our home. His prison. The Elders say there once was a time when He walked free – a time when the divine creator of Uld built an army in secret. He sought to dominate gods and mortals alike. For thisHe was bound in darkness – gagged by the land itself. His Scions, deprived of their divine lord, pursued their own ends. The god-children molded continents, begat races, and fought bitterly until spent. In time, Uld forgot its father... Yet now His Scions stir once more. Something dark roils beneath the earth, corrupting even as it broods. The bold must rise. Now is a time for heroes, adventurers, and warriors. Now is a time for magic and peril. Now is a time for... opportunity. From Flagship Studios – creators of Fate and the award winning Diablo series – comes Mythos, a free-to-play, massively multiplayer action RPG. Join friends and vanquish the evil that plagues Uld. Form parties and explore uniquely randomized dungeons. Travel to diverse cities and meet merchants and townsfolk who cry for a champion. In Mythos, you can determine your future while uncovering a forgotten past.