Neverwinter Nights


The name BioWare has become synonymous with “monstrously fun role-playing games” and Neverwinter Nights is no exception. The Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons-based PC RPG features a Baldur’s Gate-esque single player mode with 60+ hours of gameplay, but it’s the included toolset and multiplayer modes that have role-playing gamers failing their saves and going berserk. Neverwinter Nights ships with the Aurora Toolset that lets gamers forge their own D&D modules, complete with buildings, terrain, monsters, traps, and magic items. Users can create a module set in Forgotten Realms, the setting of Neverwinter Nights, or in medieval Europe, or wherever they’d like. After a module has been created, you can host it on a server and invite up to 64 of your friends to play.