Nurien is a new category of social networking service where we can give our users more powerful ways to express their identities by enabling them to create their own unique avatars, fashions, 3D objects, legacy media (such as photo, video, and text) and share them with the world via their own 3D rooms that are accessible from a web-browser as well as our software clients. Users will use their own unique avatars to play various fun games and also partake on social applications like fashion shows, and music video contests. Nurien's first three offerings include MStar, Runway, and QuizStar. MStar is an online music dance game similar to game interface such as Guitar Hero or Dance-Dance-Revolution. Runway is an innovative fashion show application, players will follow certain rules and various themes to create their own clothing line and compete on a virtual fashion show - where other users within the community will watch and vote online. QuizStar is a casual online game and it is a great way to have fun with friends and meet new people.