Order of War


Order of War brings history to live by utilizing both NVIDIA’s PhysX and 3D Vision technology. NVIDIA 3D Vision adds another dimension to combat, especially when utilizing the first-person mode that has tanks barreling into your screen and machine gun fire filling your computer room. On the PhysX front, Order of War offers realistic destruction of the accurately-depicted environments throughout Europe. Watch as the beaches of Normandy become a bloodbath and see the destruction of Germany as the Allies advance in the latter stages of the war all with the added immersive qualities that NVIDIA PhysX and 3D Vision bring to the table. The Second World War remains one of the deadliest conflicts of all time. Videogames have taken the lead from Hollywood to educate future generations of gamers about this bloody conflict. While World War II real-time strategy games have been numerous over the years, Order of War stands on its own by delivering an experience that can be played and strategized from afar. The unique aspect of this title is the first-person perspective mode that allows players to step onto the bloody battlefields and see their strategies unfold around them. Most people have watched Saving Private Ryan, now they can live through the largest amphibious invasion in history as the Allied Forces land in Normandy France. Players will also experience the deadly cold and snow of the Russian battles against Nazi Germany with a twist – gamers control Hitler’s army. NVIDIA 3D Vision puts players in the role of soldiers on the ground in the greatest conflicts known to man. And these environments are ravaged by bombs and bullet holes as explosions and machinegun fire tears through towns and cities with the help of NVIDIA PhysX. Developer Wargaming.net spent three years developing the game’s proprietary engine, which has been fully optimized to takes advantage of NVIDIA technology. The game features battles with thousands of soldiers on screen at one time, along with vehicles. So from any angle, the action is intense and every decision carries the weight of the entire world.