Planetside 2


When Planetside launched in 2003 it was a revelation, giving gamers access to massive, instanced battlefields that featured hundreds of players from three different factions fighting simultaneously for control. No other game, then or now, offered that level of scale, though the forthcoming, long-awaited sequel, Planetside 2, aims to build upon and better the as-of-yet unmatched original. Due for release later this year, Planetside 2 will once again drop hundreds of players into massive zones, though this time they’ll be backed up by more vehicles, more infantry classes, more weapons, and more gameplay mechanics, all of which are being finely balanced by an ongoing beta process; a process you can be part of by acquiring an access key from for the August 17th Beta Weekend. As with the original Planetside, Planetside 2’s massively multiplayer online first-person shooter players contribute to an overall faction ranking by winning or losing their instanced battles, which results in ownership of faction-boosting islands and facilities on the planet Auraxis changing regularly. But unlike Planetside, Planetside 2 will be free-to-play, following the successful model created by League of Legends, meaning all items and skills that contribute to your effectiveness can be earned entirely through gameplay. Technologically, Planetside 2 is not only a massive step up from Planetside, but it is also one of the finest-looking shooters on the PC, as the impressive videos and screenshots attest. Furthermore, a number of yet-to-be-revealed GPU-accelerated PhysX effects add greatly to the spectacle, and for those with 3D systems, Planetside 2 will launch with full NVIDIA 3D Vision support. For the very latest on Planetside 2, stay tuned to the Sony Online Entertainment’s official website.