Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops


Set in the year 2025, Shadow Harvest is one part adrenaline-packed third-person shooter and another part stealth-espionage action. Players will take control of two secret agent operatives, each with their unique abilities and skill sets. As female stealth and espionage expert Myra Lee, players will be able to turn invisible and conduct behind-the-back stealth kills. As a master of disguise, players will have to dawn different outfits to sneak into dangerous areas undetected. Playing as the trigger-friendly Aron Alvarez will allow players to wield rocket launchers and other heavy machine guns. Players will need all the firepower they can get as they must deal with nefarious arms dealers and warlords who have mysteriously obtained highly-advanced weapons that could wreak havoc upon the world. Helping players along the way is a third-person cover system that allows players to hide behind rocks, cars, and walls. And players will need all the cover they can muster as the enemies in Shadow Harvest are challenging. The AI, too, will appropriately use their environments to their defensive advantage. Luckily, running head first into the heat of battle isn't the only option as Shadow Harvest's stealth mechanics can provide alternative tactics. Tying the game together is a variety of locales. Shadow Harvest will have players blasting their way through everything from dry African campgrounds to rich, elegant palaces. Powered by the Gamebryo engine (Fallout, Oblivion), the game features bloom lighting, ambient occlusion, and SLI support.