Spore Galactic Adventures


Spore: Galactic Adventures goes beyond creating unique creatures. This new expansion allows players to easily tell their own virtual stories through a mission editor that can be used to make game experiences ranging from platform action to role-playing games. While Spore allowed players to share a piece of their story, Galactic Adventures is taking that next step by allowing players to create their own planets, make their own villages, and built their own interactions. Once created, players can publish their games for others to play, but others can edit that experience and change it to make it their own and then share that with the world. While Spore and its expansion pack continue to support NVIDIA ION, allowing low-end PC users the ability to enter the gaming realm; the games also take care of high-end PC gamers. The games make use of NVIDIA 3D Vision to bring the visually rich creatures, worlds and gameplay experiences out of the monitor for a truly unique interactive experience. The user can easily drop into NVIDIA 3D Vision mode and experience these worlds in full stereoscopic 3D.