Strife is an exhilarating, action packed, and rewarding team based game. It’s a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) where two teams of 5 players each clash to destroy the opponent’s towers, generators and finally the opposing team’s Crux. Strife uses session based gameplay. In each game, players take a chosen hero from novice to expert, powering up to win the game for their team. Every game they play, builds up their account’s power gaining rewards to invest in new items and pets for your heroes to take into new games.

In Strife you will:

Compete with Enemies, not Teammates – Collaborative gameplay design eliminates battles over resources (gold sharing to remove fights over last hits), designated roles, and player experience issues.

Experience Engaging, Clear Visuals – It’s easy to lose yourself in the moment of an intense, fast-paced game, but you won’t lose track of your hero in a team fight. Strife’s visual clarity provides an easily readable battle sequence for all members of each skirmish.

Enjoy your Role – No player should feel relegated to sacrificial roles such as a traditional MOBA support. Any hero on a team can help carry their teammates to victory, and everyone can gather resources and coordinate their hero’s skills with each member of the team for a devastating, combined effort. Strife’s game mechanics and balance were designed so everyone can be active and fight longer.

Evolve the Genre – Customizable progression lets you advance in the areas you choose. Select crafted items that suit in-game skills, while pets provide additional customization to complement the heroes’ abilities. Strife lets you play your way, innovate and dominate.

Be Immersed in Deep, Robust Lore – Strife has a rich backstory of each hero’s personal journey, and the manner in which each hero has woven themselves into the tapestry of the Trials of Strife. Strife’s rich lore transports the player into continuous context where community feedback ultimately drives the storyline.