Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition


The ultimate version of Street Fighter IV will arrive on personal computers this July. Called Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, the one-on-one fighting game includes every update, upgrade and new character introduced on consoles and in the arcades since the release of Street Fighter IV PC two years ago. Now featuring a roster of thirty-nine characters, there are more strategies, combos and move sets and match-ups to learn, ensuring that there’s always something to learn. PC players will also be reintroduced to the famous barrel and car smash challenges, and will find that the game is more balanced than ever thanks to the elimination of cheese combos and overpowered match-ups exposed by countless professional tournaments since the release of Street Fighter IV. Further enhancing the game’s online component, players can now ‘follow’ other competitors and will receive their match replays automatically, allowing said players to analyze their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. Similarly, players can share their own replays to boast of their exploits or to receive tips from others. And finally, those players in the top tier, the Elite, will have their replays shared automatically, so anyone and everyone can learn from the best and hopefully one day best them. As with Street Fighter IV PC, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition PC offers fighting fans the definitive experience thanks to sharper textures, better effects and oodles of anti-aliasing. And as with Street Fighter IV PC, Arcade Edition players can apply a number of PC-exclusive filters to modify the fast-moving visuals shown on-screen.