ToCA Race Driver 3


Toca Race Driver 3 is the ultimate motor racing experience with more variety of motorsport than any other game on the market. Featuring 6 thrilling motorsport genres rendered in extraodinarily-realistic detail: GT, Touring Cars, Off Road, Open Wheel, Oval and Classics, it’s effectively 6 games in one! And now, with the addition of brand new game modes, there are two completely different ways to enjoy the game: World Tour mode gives you immediate access to the game and lets you sample all the different racing styles on offer. Cinematic cut scenes create a plot-driven narrative that focuses on your progress as a racing driver, as well as the history and detail of each car. Unlock the next championship with every event you win and blaze your own, personalised trail through the game. The new pro career mode, on the other hand, lets you concentrate on one motorsport discipline of your choice at a time: Open Wheel, GT, etc. Work your way up from entry level vehicles to the ultimate race cars in the class and become the ultimate racing driver!