Enlist. Unite. Prevail.

Warface is a team-based shooter crammed with cooperative and competitive action, stacks of game modes and a wealth of weapons for players to get to grips with. Gamers can choose to play as Riflemen, Medics, Snipers or Engineers as they join forces and attempt to uproot the Blackwood military faction in Co-op play, or choose their side and lock horns with fellow players in Versus battles. The game can be downloaded completely for free via Steam or at Warface.com!


Specialized infantry operators who can be deployed quickly to any arena, they are fighting to undermine Blackwood's global grip.

Professional forces who fight for a paycheck with clear career goals. They serve a corporate alliance whose business plans ignore the rule of law or any borders


New Co-op missions every day
The huge variety of maps in Warface play host to new missions every day. Altered difficulty levels, objectives and routes through the maps mean there's a fresh challenge every time players get in the game.

Explosive Co-op in six settings
From snow-capped mountains to sun-soaked deserts, Warface players enjoy an ever-expanding list of Co-op environments that includes Africa, Siberia, China, the US, Brazil and more.

Versus action in seven PVP modes
The Versus action in Warface sees players going head to head in seven distinct game modes: Team Death Match, Plant the Bomb, Free for all, Storm, Capture, Tactics, and Destruction

Four unique combat classes
Players choose to enter the fray as Riflemen, Medics, Engineers or Snipers, and then combine the unique talents of each class to form an unstoppable team.