NVIDIA GeForce GTX Battlebox: Military Grade Gaming For This Holiday’s Cutting Edge Games
NVIDIA has partnered with an exclusive group of specialized system to builders to develop a new breed of gaming machines, designed and built to play this Holiday's AAA combat games at super high resolutions, with every setting maxed out, and every NVIDIA-exclusive feature enabled.
GeForce GTX Is Powering The 4K Revolution, The Next Big Thing For PC Gamers
4K screens and SLI GeForce GTX GPUs introduce you to a world of eye-popping, jaw-dropping 3840x2160 gaming, where the screen fills your view, where games are displayed at previously-unseen levels of detail, and where your eyes begin to believe that the action is real.
Watch_Dogs To Receive PC-Exclusive Effects, Features & Technologies
Ubisoft and NVIDIA’s unprecedented technical alliance will see the PC version of Watch_Dogs enhanced with PC-exclusive effects and features, making an already great-looking game a truly jaw-dropping experience you cannot afford to miss.
GamesCom 2013: NVIDIA & Ubisoft Form PC Gaming Alliance For This Fall’s Hottest Games
Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and Watch_Dogs will be enhanced with PC-exclusive, NVIDIA-developed technologies and features that make the most of the latest graphics cards.