XCOM Enemy Unknown



Released in 1993, the original X-COM is still regarded as one of the best PC games of all time. Building upon this legacy, the strategy game experts at Firaxis Games have developed XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which expands on the X-COM foundation with an entirely new story featuring new, preexisting, and reimagined enemies.

As in the original X-COM, players will oversee combat strategies and individual unit tactics in tense missions, as well as base management and resource allocation in the role of the commander of the secret global military organization, XCOM, created to deal with the alien threat. With equal emphasis on deep strategy and intense tactical combat, XCOM: Enemy Unknown allows gamers to determine the fate of the human race by defending against a terrifying global alien invasion.

For the first time in an XCOM game, players will be able to create a squad of human and alien units to take into battle one-on-one online deathmatch matches. Drawing on the gameplay, tactics and strategy of the single-player experience without making any direct ties to the narrative, the multiplayer mode offers a standalone opportunity for gamers to enjoy the XCOM universe in a new and unique manner.

Players can mix and match both alien and soldier units to comprise their squad, outfitting soldiers with dozens of armor types, weapons, items and class-based abilities for thousands of possible loadout combinations. These dream squads of up to six units are built using a point cap that can be scaled for players to fight in small skirmishes all the way up to epic battles.

For a taste of the enhanced PC graphics and the game’s tactical action, check out the demo on Steam.