High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting with 16x full-screen anti-aliasing brings cool cinematic effects to game scenes without compromising image quality

Volumetric smoke and fog create ultra realistic battle explosions and true 3D smoke

Depth of Field (DOF) enables in-game "focus" effects, such as sharper focus to objects viewed through the scope on a rifle

Motion blur adds cinematic realism to game scenes by blurring rapidly moving objects

Stream-out generated rain creates rain particles that are more impressive than traditional 2D texture animations

Soft particles smoothly blend on contact with terrain and other objects dramatically improving realism

Skinned instancing spawns larger numbers of characters in a scene resulting in more complex scenes and visually stunning crowds

Deformation for real-time rendering of changes to the world geometry creates life-like effects such as non-rigid terrain deformations from explosions, and breakable buildings