GeForce GTX 460

GeForce GTX 460

Every generation, we take our award winning architecture and design a new GPU that resets the price-performance envelope. With 336 cores, not only is the GeForce GTX 460 wickedly fast—at $199, it brings true DX11 gaming to every gamer.


See how the GTX 460 performs in the latest games:

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Dungeon Siege III Fable 3
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Tom's Hardware Hard OCP AnandTech
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Stone Giant Tessellation Demo

See tessellation like it's never been done before in the Stone Giant demo.
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SLI Components

Building a GTX 460 SLI system? See a full list of certified:

Motherboards Power Supplies Cases
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Review Roundup

Check out some independent reviews in our comprehensive review roundup.
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