"New features have been added, architecture changes have taken place, and power efficiency and performance per watt are the descriptors defining what Maxwell is all about."

"There are architectural improvements in Maxwell that improve performance, meaning NVIDIA could save on CUDA Cores, save on memory bandwidth, and overall create a more cost effective and power efficient GPU we have ever seen."

"The GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 video cards will likely be near the top of the single-GPU product lineup for at least the next year."

"The performance is solid and the new features, power efficiency and stellar overclocking are sure to make gamers really happy."

"The GTX 980 also brings to the table some unique features that greatly improve the visual experience of PC gaming. First is the impressive Voxel Global Illumination (VXGI) technology, which takes dynamic global illumination to a whole new level of execution. Next is Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR), a process through which the game is rendered at a higher resolution than the available display, and then filtered down to provide superior graphics. Another feature is the Multi-Frame sampled AA (MFAA), an anti-aliasing mode that combines multiple AA sample positions resulting in crisper graphics without penalising performance.

NVIDIA manages to keep its claim over the best performing single GPU title all while drastically lowering the TDP requirement, mostly due to the high efficiency of the new Maxwell architecture. However there is still one more cherry on top. The GTX 980 is introduced at a surprisingly low MSRP of $549, which is almost $150 less than the GTX 780 Ti at launch. The GPU market destabilisation that this price point will cause is going to be very interesting.

With the GTX 980, NVIDIA provides access to flagship performance and an enhanced feature set, all at a manageable price tag. With most of the previous generation product stack - GTX 780 Ti, 780 and 770- being discontinued, its prime time for GPU upgrades!"

"On several fronts it is truly an amazing piece of hardware. "

"Overclocking with a baseline clock speed that high might lead you to the conclusion the architecture is tapped out, but you would be oh so terribly wrong."

"My sample card, with a small boost in core voltage, allowed me to run maximum clock speeds of 1469MHz on the core and 1979MHz on the GDDR5 memory fully stable; the two highest clock speeds I have ever reached on a video card on air or otherwise.

"Cooling this savage beast is not really an issue using the 250 watt rated reference cooling solution. The lower 165 watt TDP of the card makes it an appealing purchase"

"Priced at $549, the GTX 980 cuts the legs out from the GTX 780 Ti and is squarely in AMD's price point of its flagship single GPU card, the R9 290X, at $559. That's OK on the NVIDIA side, though, as we found out today that the introduction of the GTX 980 and GTX 970 harkens the death knell of the GTX 780 Ti, GTX 780, and GTX 770, putting them effectively EOL. That's end of life, if you need to know."

"The GTX 980, as I said, is an interesting piece of hardware using a highly efficient architecture to drive power efficiency way up and thermal loads in the opposite direction. It is poised to take NVIDIA into the next era with technologies that enhance game play for the end user and performance to spare."

"My experiences gaming with the GTX 980 proved it was the best single GPU graphics card you can get today; better than the GTX 780 Ti, better than the Titan Black, and better than the Radeon R9 290X. Benchmarks and real-world game play proved that to be true: the GTX 980 was as much as 15% faster than the R9 290X and was only beaten by the AMD flagship card in one of our six games."

"The GTX 980 offers unmatched single GPU performance with power efficiency not seen before. If you choose to eschew that though, feel free to push those clocks to 1400-1500 MHz and crank up the power for more performance. "

"Maxwell is far better than cards of the past in bringing more performance at less cost. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 is more silent than any NVIDIA card before it - at least on the high end. There should be no reason why you’d ever hear this card make a peep inside your custom-built tower when you’re running idle."

"The GeForce GTX 980 is the fastest single-GPU graphics card we tested. With the possible exception of the pricey Titan Black, it's also the fastest single-GPU graphics card on the planet. Although $549 is a lot to pay, the GTX 980 manages to deliver appreciably better value than the GeForce GTX 780 Ti, which it replaces. The new GeForce flagship outperforms AMD's Radeon R9 290X, as well. If you want the best, the GTX 980 is the card to get."

"Both the $330 GeForce GTX 970 and $550 GeForce GTX 980 represent tremendous, earth shattering value from a price/performance perspective."

"But the beauty of the GeForce GTX 980 and 970 is that, regardless of any minor annoyances, they have got it where it counts: higher frame rates for significantly less cash than we're used to paying."

"For the GeForce GTX 980 we bestow Tom's Hardware's Elite award, stealing the prized mantle-piece (pardon the pun) from the Radeon R9 290X"

"If you're after an awesome single GPU video card, grab the GTX 980 4GB."