“Titan IS impressive.

TDP and power draw is excellent. Performance per watt is better than its competitor’s cards and it is nearly dead silent in comparison to any other dual-GPU card.

Overclocked, Titan’s performance comes very close to a GTX 690 and there are some games that it can play in Surround that the dual-GPU card cannot. It does not suffer from the issues associated with multi-GPU.”

“Titan is going to deliver a more consistent experience…

No one should be surprised then when we proclaim that GeForce GTX Titan has unquestionably reclaimed the single-GPU performance crown for NVIDIA. It’s simply in a league of its own right now, reaching levels of performance no other single-GPU card can touch.

Like its predecessors, Titan delivers the kind of awe-inspiring performance we have come to expect from NVIDIA’s most powerful video cards.

In the world of GPGPU computing Titan stands alone.”

“The GTX TITAN is an amazingly capable GPU."

“The GTX Titan is going to be a must-have for any techie out there who loves to fiddle and overclock their GPU and system performance.”

“So, it’ll rock Crysis 3 in Surround View (3 screens) with maxed out graphical settings and advanced features, and I’m confident it won’t be outdated any time soon."

“The GTX TITAN has become the way to play Crysis 3, and I can't wait to see how it holds up going forward.”

“The PC game-playing early adopters, however? Here's your next GPU.”

“Simply put, the GeForce GTX TITAN is the ultimate small form factor gaming video card.

Every single game we tested was able to run at its absolute highest in-game settings, including AA. With a single-GPU we are able to maximize every game we throw at it at 1080p is great for gamers.

One GeForce GTX TITAN offers the best performance today at 2560x1600 and 1080p resolutions.

We were pleased to find out that NVIDIA's claims were correct, you can "max out" Crysis 3 at 5760x1080 with 3-way TITAN. It is an amazing feat, and we know of no other video card combination that can deliver that to us right now.”

“When it comes to a consistent gameplay experience, the TITAN is head, shoulders and knees above its compatriots.

TITAN is a card built for people who want a top-tier solution but aren’t willing to compromise on in-game performance consistency. At this point in time and likely well into the future it is the best solution available for high performance, consistent, stutter-free gaming. Is that worth the cost of entry? It certainly should be.

Voltage tuning and GPU Boost 2.0’s focus on a Temperature Target rather than Power Limits also add some value to this equation and take a small step towards justifying the TITAN’s associated costs. But seriously, at $1000 one expects everything but the kitchen sink.”

“Forget what you know and have come to expect from video cards as the GeForce GTX TITAN completely obliterates any doubts and goes well beyond anyone’s expectations on how a high-end video card should behave.

The GeForce GTX TITAN pulls out even greater levels of efficiency that it almost seems like magic.

Once you also add in the fact that the GTX TITAN offers superior overclocking headroom due to GPU Boost 2.0, offers more features, double-precision performance, larger frame buffer, consumes less power, produces less heat and runs quieter than a reference GTX 680, the choice becomes much clearer.”  

“GTX TITAN is the fastest single-GPU powered graphics card by far. The GeForce GTX Titan is also quieter than any other high-end graphics card we’ve tested, it offers some new features not available on any other products yet, and the thing just plain looks cool too.

The GeForce GTX Titan’s relatively high price doesn’t detract from its pure awesomeness though. but 7.1 billion transistors, a 6GB frame buffer, best of class performance, and some hot new features make the GeForce GTX Titan one of the most exciting products we’ve tested in a quite a while.”

“NVIDIA claimed this was the card to kick Crysis 3's ass. Today I can tell you Crysis 3 isn't going to be sitting comfortably anytime soon.

And then we have Crysis 3. The supposed system-strangler was no match for the Titan's prowess. My benchmark was performed in the middle of a vast open area, in which a dozen enemies were attempting to end my life with extreme prejudice while I sprinted in and out of them like a madman. After the benchmark completed I spent a good ten minutes bragging to Kirk Hamilton about how much better the game was running for me than it did for him. I guess this counts as bragging as well. Oops.”

“The NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan 6GB is without a doubt the most powerful single-GPU video card ever released.

This card was build to game at high resolutions and really starts to stretch its legs when you get to the higher resolutions

The new GPU Boost 2.0 technology is also a welcomed addition as having the ability to have temperature targets is ingenious.

At the end of the day the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan looks great, is energy efficient, silent on operation and is the fastest single GPU on the planet.”

“NVIDIA claims it made this GPU just because it could as it already had the GK110 deployed in super computers, and it wants to support the enthusiast gaming crowd. Those all sound like good reasons to us, but NVIDIA also mentioned that system builders were asking for a shorter card for SFF systems, so for that scenario the Titan is as good as it gets both in terms of performance, acoustics and design, so Nvidia has done an excellent job on that front. We can see it kicking off an entirely new wave of custom builds coming from the usual boutique suspects.

Overall, Titan is a breakthrough card for single-GPU performance, form factor and acoustic control.”

“The definitions of the word Titan all point to being great in size and strength. Things of which that embody what the GTX Titan is at its core.

When using the target temperature as the guiding principle the card is dead silent. I could not even hear it running in the chassis during my testing.

As a single card, the GTX Titan is phenomenal; as a pair or set of three there is nothing the combination could not play.”

“The GTX TITAN is a better choice when it comes to noise, power consumption, space occupied, and overall "cool" factor.  Couple that with the potential for GPGPU work down the road, and you might find it reasonable to pick the TITAN over the cheaper GTX 680s.

If you want the fastest single GPU card on the market, the TITAN is the king of the hill.”

“At its default tuning, the Titan is true to its billing as quieter than a GeForce GTX 680. That's a very nice accomplishment, since we know it's drawing more power than the GTX 680 or the Radeon HD 7970, yet it dissipates that heat with less noise.

The Titan definitely has a place in the market, high atop Nvidia's product stack, and we're happy to see little extras like double-precision math support, a gorgeous industrial design, and excellent acoustic and power tuning as part of the mix. If you're laying down a grand for a graphics card, you're going to want the best of everything, and the Titan doesn't skimp.”

“There’s no way to get anything faster than a GeForce GTX Titan into a Tiki, Revolt, Bolt, and so on.

In the most demanding titles, two GK110s scale much more linearly than four GK104s (dual GeForce GTX 690s). Three Titan cards are just Ludicrous Gibs!

A pair of GeForce GTX Titans is more elegant, lower-power, and set up to accept a third card down the road, should you hit the lottery.”