Proven GeForce DirectX 10.1 Graphics Processor
NVIDIA®GeForce® DirectX 10.1, featuring Shader Model 4.1 graphics processor, offers full compatibility with past and current game titles with all the texture detail, high dynamic range lighting and visual special effects the game developer intended the consumer to see. Water effects, soft shadows, facial details, explosions, surface textures and intricate geometry create cinematic virtual worlds filled with adrenalin pumping excitement. Of course all these special effects run at playable frame rates for fluid action that are not matched by typical mainstream integrated graphics solutions.

CUDA Technology
NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology unlocks the power of the GPU’s processor cores to accelerate the most demanding system tasks - such as video transcoding – delivering incredible performance improvements over traditional CPUs.

PureVideo HD 1080p Technology
Bring the latest Blu-ray movies to life with NVIDIA® PureVideo® HD technology. Sharp images, smooth video transitions, and vibrant colors are reproduced on the screen using very little power. Integrated with the leading HD movie software players, PureVideo HD does the video decoding, instead of the power-hungry CPU, extending your battery life, reducing fan noise and freeing the CPU for multitasking, so you never miss a scene.

NVIDIA® GeForceBoost™ technology
Delivers up to an 80% boost in graphics performance when you need it most. This state-of-the-art technology has transformed the once timid thin-and-light notebook into a performance powerhouse by seamlessly combining the performance of two GeForce mainstream GPUs.

Hybrid Power technology
NVIDIA® HybridPower™ technology is a key feature of Hybrid SLI, intelligently powers up the second GeForce GPU for optimal performance when you are plugged in and turns it off when you unplug to extend battery life.

PowerMizer Intelligent Power Management
Consider NVIDIA® PowerMizer® your battery’s guardian angel. With leading-edge power monitor circuitry, PowerMizer intelligently tailors GeForce GPU power demands to suit the task at hand. Just running simple business applications or surfing the web, PowerMizer will run the GPU in battery-sipping mode. Are you in the mood for an HD video or a thrilling DirectX 10 game? PowerMizer will automatically apply the appropriate amount of power to the GPU.